Wills & Estates

At MS Justice Legal we believe that it is very important for every adult, be married, single, widowed or divorced to have a valid Will.


Making a Will is something that many people either forget about or put off doing. A Will after you pass away will direct  how your assets are to be divided and distributed and will give you the opportunity to ensure that all your wishes are carried out and that your loved ones are looked after.


In the event that you pass away without making a Will, it will be said that you have died "intestate" which means that your assets will be distributed in a way that you may not want them to be in accordance with the law.


It should be noted that although you may already have a Will prepared, if not property prepared and drawn, your Will could be contested.


We invite you to contact MS Justice Legal to discuss drawing, preparing or updating your Will to prevent you from dying intestate and minimising the chances of your Will being contested.

Probate and Letters of Administration

When you pass away leaving a valid Will, your executor/ trustee is required to prove your Will to the Supreme Court of Victoria. Contact our office to discuss any Estate issues with one of our experienced lawyers who will guide, assist and support you through this emotional time.


Powers of Attorney

We believe that just as making a Will is important for when you pass away, Power of Attorney is important for when you are alive.


A Power of Attorney allows you to select your attorney to make decisions on your behalf when you are not in a position to do so.


To have a Power of Attorney prepared on your behalf, you must be of sound mind and capable of making decisions on your own. Your Attorney must be over the age of 18 years and someone that you trust that will do the right thing by you.


There a three different types of Enduring Power of Attorney which are:

There a three different types of Enduring Power of Attorney which are:

  • Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial)           - Financial and Legal matter
  • Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical)             - Medical Treatment
  • Enduring Power of Attorney (Guardianship)    - Lifestyle decisions